Tropical White Worms


Tropical White Worms, the perfect size live food for feeding and conditioning adult tropical fish.


Tropical White Worms are an excellent live food for carnivorous and omnivorous tropical fish. Tropical white worms differ in a few ways from their cold weather relatives, the regular white worm. First, tropical white worms prefer to live at room temperatures comfortable to humans. That means you don’t need to culture them in a fridge, they can be cultured at room temperature. These worms take about a month to take off in a food saver type box and enjoy eating bread and yogurt. We feed ours 100% whole wheat store brand bread dipped in activated yeast water and plain unpasteurized kefir yogurt.

These worms are a larger size from 1/2″ to 4″ long and are thinner than cold weather white worms. They have a higher protein to fat ratio and trigger that live food feeding response in all fish. Perfect for feeding larger fry to conditioning medium to large sized adults to breed. Culture them in well draining potting soil. I use miracle grow cactus potting soil about 2″ deep in tupperware meal saver trays.

What you will get:

An approx. 2 oz. culture of Tropical white worms in soil in a small plastic container. Our method for culturing all species of white worms was developed by David Ramsey on Youtube and he deserves some credit. Please check out David’s video by clicking here.


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