Bluefin Killifish – Lucania goodei


Group of six (6) Bluefin Killifish – Lucania goodei

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Up for sale is a group of six juvenile to sub-adult Bluefin Killifish (Lucania goodei). Native egg layers from Florida. Males develop reflective blue finnage on their dorsal and anal fins and deep red in their tails. Good shoaling community fish that like company and are active but low on aggression. Males will flare and show off in breeding season. They make a great first killifish and do not eat their own fry if the fry are provided with cover plants. No heater needed when kept indoors but doesn’t mind warmth either (Florida fish).

Why six fish? Because while we can’t 100% guarantee the sex of the fish, we want to better your odds at getting at least one male/female pair. When ordering, please add the medium sized USPS 2-3 day priority postage option. I cannot send out the items without postage.

We guarantee live arrival of the fish. Unfortunately, DOA’s can and do happen. If the fish arrive dead, you must take a DOA picture of the dead fish with your cell phone within one hour of the delivery time/date. If I have sufficient stock remaining to re-fulfill your order, I’ll gladly send replacements at no charge for the stock. However, postage costs are still the responsibility of the buyer.


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