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Pet.Fish shop update Jan 2020  

Psychonaut Admin

The shop link is now working. We currently have cultures of grindal worms, microWORMS and vinegar eels available. Click the green links to learn how to culture them. Cheers!

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Posted : 03/01/2020 6:53 pm

Psychonaut Admin

We now have a large enough supply of tropical white worms for soil cultures. Unlike normal white worm cultures, these tropical white worms do not need to be refrigerated. Keep them in a closet, the garage, the fish room or wherever you want. Room temperatures are just fine for this worm. They make an excellent food for big fry, medium to large sized finicky fish and for bringing fish into breeding conditions. We culture them in humid garden soil in tupperware food saver boxes. They love to eat little slices of wheat bread with a little brewers yeast and natural kefir or yogurt added to it. Adult Tropical White Worms are longer and thinner than regular white worms (1/4"-2") and their cultures grow slower, but once the culture takes off the worm production is heavy.

Posted : 27/01/2020 6:39 pm

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