Red Bellied Piranha by Joshu Lang

Common Name: Red Bellied Piranha
Latin Name: Pygocentrus Nattereri
Origin: The Amazon
Temperature: 75-81 degrees F
Aggressiveness: Very Aggressive
Lighting: Piranha Like it darker to simulate the conditions of the amazons
Adult Size: up to 24 Inches (60 cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallon for a baby but as they get older 1 inch per gallon

Feeding: Beef Heart, Live/Frozen Blood Worms, Feeder Fish (not very often because of parasites)
Spawning Method : No clear sexual differences. Breeding females may appear more robust in shape. Eggs are laid among plants or in a pit in the substrate and defended by the parents. Hatching takes around 2-3 days.

Unlike most people think piranhas are not really killer fish, actually they seek out the weak or injured to help the Amazon ecosystem, but in a home aquarium setup they are very scared fish and tend to hide alot and become active when hungry or a weaker fish enters their territories.

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