Pet.Fish Radio Archives

Pet.Fish Radio Archives

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These are the old Pet.Fish radio podcasts from 2007-2008. Streaming is provided for your listening pleasure in .mp3 format. Enjoy!

Pet.Fish Radio Q4 2008: Red Cherry Shrimps by Bulrush, Discus by Aiptasia, News by Mollielover.
Pet.Fish Radio Q1 2008: Corys by Jubs, Fish vocalization pt. 2, Neon Tetras by Gemini.
Pet.Fish Radio Nov. 2007: Fish Vocalization pt. 1, Fish News by Fredjikrang, Gorski’s comedy troupe “I Like Fish.”
Pet.Fish Radio Premiere Oct. 2007: Tank Cycling by Essabee, Fish News by Fredjikrang, Co-Owner Melissa (Mollielover).


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